Types of mosquito-borne diseases

mosquito- borne diseases - the need for the best bug spray for babies

Types of mosquito-borne diseases

mosquito- borne diseases - the need for the best bug spray for babies

Mosquitoes permeate all parts of the world and in America, there are up to 176 species of these mini animals, just to show how ubiquitous they are.

You probably believe that mosquitoes cause only malaria to both adults and babies. But that’s very far from the truth. They transmit several diseases, some of them with unfathomable symptoms and like all other bugs, the best protection is having the best bug spray for babies to safeguard the whole family.

Let’s see some of these diseases;


This is the most widespread malaria carried disease and up to half a billion people suffer from the disease worldwide, especially across the developing world. Malaria has existed for thousands of years and in some countries, it is the highest cause of death.


The Zika virus has been known for couple decades but it started attracting global attention in 2016 when it was associated with rare birth defects and other foetal flaws.


The dengue fever originated from Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean and has found its way into America in the last decade. Symptoms include fever, severe headaches, muscle and joint pains and even abnormal haemorrhage.

West Nile Virus

This virus originated from Western Uganda and has spread across the US through Europe. It is caused by the Culex breed of mosquito and effects include spinal cord or brain inflammation.


Chikungunya is spread from one person to another through the mosquito bites. It originated in Tanzania from which it has spread to several other countries. Symptoms of the bug bite include stooping joint pain, vomiting, headache, and nausea. It has no cure and requires only management.

Yellow fever

Yellow fever is common in Africa and South America and it spread by a number of mosquito species. Luckily, vaccination is has been developed and is prevalent, save for a few undeveloped countries.

 Rift valley fever

This is primarily a livestock disease but humans can get infected through an Aedes mosquito bite. It has been common in Africa and the Middle East since the 1970s.

When it comes to preventing mosquito and bug attacks, it is important to take caution when selecting the bug spray to use, since some repellents can ironically cause more trouble while deterring these mosquito diseases.